Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yes, We Have Some Bananas!

I'm always baking banana bread. Why, you ask? Because I love it! The secret to flavorful banana bread is to use really, really ripe bananas. When the bananas look like they should be thrown away...that's when they will be just perfect for baking! The riper the bananas get, the sweeter they taste. My local grocery store always seems to have marked down bananas. For only $1.49, there are usually about 8 bananas in those packages, which means I can make 4 loaves with those bargain bananas...not bad, huh? So I bring home the bananas and leave them out in a bowl until the outer peels are very, very dark. Once baked, we can devour one and freeze the rest for future enjoyment...they freeze beautifully! I always add a handful of chopped walnuts into the batter, and most times I will place some whole walnuts on the top of the batter just because it looks pretty. Oh, the fragrance of the banana bread while it's baking is divine...equally as good as the smell of apple pie!

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