Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sunday Breakfast - What's Your Favorite?

My idea of a lovely Sunday brunch can mean a few different things. I treated myself to a Waring Belgian Waffle Maker a few months ago, and I'm having fun using it every so often (do you know how fattening belgian waffles are?)Here is a pic of the first waffle I made a few months's a really fun toy!

Occasionally, I like pancakes on a Sunday morning. I've been trying to cook a little bit healthier, so I tried making whole wheat pancakes, served with a slice of orange and fresh blueberries, and dusted lightly with powdered sugar.
Next time, I'm going to try making banana pancakes and use only egg whites, no yolks (guess you're starting to realize how attached I am to bananas! lol)

Mustn't forget a steaming hot cup of great Java, no matter what you choose to have! Eggs are high on my list for an enjoyable Sunday brunch, too...along with a delicious sunflower flagel with sweet butter. For those of you who haven't the foggiest notion as to what a flagel is,'s a large bagel that has been flattened (flat + bagel = flagel). If you haven't ever tasted a flagel, you just haven't lived! I could go on and on about brunch, which is my favorite meal of all...cream cheese & smoked salmon on a toasted bagel (with tomato and onion, naturally!), or orange and vanilla infused stuffed French would be a super choice, also. And last, but not least, I absolutely LOVE waffles served with poached eggs on top, along with a splash of real maple syrup. Heavenly! Well, let me know what your favorite brunch would consist of. I'm all ears! :)

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