Friday, December 5, 2008

All Things Baked

Coconut meringues, they were in the oven just a few minutes when I remembered I hadn't taken any I peeked in! As you can see they are just beginning to transform into sweet yummy little confections!


I like to recycle these plastic boxes, and have found they keep baked goods really fresh.

================================================================================= ALMOND MACARONS
My first attempt at making these...need to practice (but they did taste great!)

Almond macarons going into the oven.

Almond macarons going into the oven.

Cooled and ready to eat.

Lucy is my sweet King Charles Cavalier.

I caught her just in the nick of time...she would have devoured every single one!

She is usually well behaved...except when there is food in the vicinity!

Pecan Pie made for Thanksgiving, and two Challahs made a few days ago.

As you can see, the braiding ended up lopsided. I baked two more today, with much more success, but I will need to post the new pics at a later time. The best thing about baking Challah, next to eating it, is how wonderful the whole house smells!

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